“We’ve dealt with many advisors in the past, and none have addressed our financial matters as holistically as Daniel and his team has.”

Amiee Chan
President and CEO
Norsat International Inc.

“I am always proud to say that I deal with a “top advisor” and this “top ranking” is evident in the performance of my portfolio. Thank you Danny and Team for a great job and all the helpful advice!!!!”

Silvana Loschiavo-Sherwood

“Daniel’s passion for his work comes through in every meeting we have with him… it is one of the qualities that drew us to him, and it has turned out to be a most profitable decision for us!”

Ken MacQueen & Marion Kennedy MacQueen

“I’ve always appreciated Daniel’s wealth creation & income tax minimization strategies. He and his team have been super supportive and responsive to my needs and provided consistently professional service with a smile!”

Professional Accountant

“Danny and his team have always been professional and extremely conscientious with my portfolio. In addition, his knowledge in tax planning and the implications of various decisions have been extremely helpful. I have no hesitations with recommending him and his team.”

Hartland Ross
Ebridge Marketing Solutions Inc.

“Daniel’s knowledge of the financial markets gives us confidence that our investments will grow.”

Al & Bonnie Leclair

“I was impressed by Daniel the first time he came to our office to make a presentation and have continued to be impressed by his high energy, personable nature and constructive advice ever since. I am also impressed by the loyalty of the team he has gathered around him and the professional manner in which they conduct themselves.”

Malcolm Muir, RSD AScT

“Danny is a great teacher. In addition to what are the best strategies for me, I understand why and how they work. Great turnaround time from the team whenever I have a question.”

Martha Bassett