Ten Reasons to Have a Chat

  1. Determine your existing portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses through a back-tested, computerized snapshot.
  2. Receive an opinion on whether or not you are overlooking any tax minimization opportunities.
  3. Quantify the risk of your existing portfolio to gauge its potential behaviour during the next market cycle.
  4. Establish whether or not your current assets will satisfy your income requirements.
  5. Learn how living and/or testamentary trusts can help build and retain wealth.
  6. If you’re incorporated find out how you can access corporate dollars on a tax free basis via the CDA (Capital Dividend Account).
  7. Determine the approximate taxes and probate fees which would be payable come estate time and what methods are available to minimize such costs.
  8. Find out what options exist to ensure the assets you leave to your beneficiaries are protected from their current or future spouses in the event of marital breakdown.
  9. Learn how to manage risk by including investments such as Real Property and/or Private Equity within your investment plans.
  10. Establish whether your current advice is primarily focused on your investments rather than the various specialized areas mentioned above.

Is it worth having a chat?

If you’d like to have a brief phone conversation or schedule a meeting with one of our advisors specializing in the above points, please contact us at 1-855-339-0088 or admin@harbourfrontwealth.com.